About Us


The years of holistic research by Russell Anderson and all his past experiences, has helped bring together a group of very highly talented visionaries. In 2008, Clear Water Vision, a non-profit corporation was created from these efforts.

Clear Water Vision has been giving presentations in various cities and counties in Northern California and has also attended the 2008 National Summit of Mining Communities in Montana.

News about our activities has also reached places like New Orleans, Florida, North Carolina, India and Russia.

CWV is developing a documentary to further explain to the public the research of great scientist such as Dr. Emoto who came to Clear Lake in 2006 to explain how important it’s water structure is.

Board Members

  • Russell Anderson : Founder and President
  • Sumadevi Vasudevan : Secretary
  • Giridhara Graeber : Treasurer

Advisory Board

  • Pal Pauer – (Hydrologist/Geologist)
  • Lyn Hebenstreit (President -Global Resource Alliance)
  • Ward Williams (Vice President – Dalar International Consulting)
  • Marianna King (Grant Writer)
  • Randy Hatton (Vibrant Water-Taos)